Friday, March 30, 2007

Stainless Steel Jewelry - Masculine Adornment for Men

In a world where setting the right tone and making the best first impression has never been more important, no man can risk looking dowdy or uninteresting! Jewelry has traditionally been a way that you can subtly show off your good taste, but today there are so many options, it can be downright dizzying, especially for the guy whose only experience might have been picking out a promise ring or wedding band.

If edgy, durable and extremely masculine are things you're looking for in your jewelry, you don't need to look any further than stainless steel. With a higher resistance to corrosion and rust, this alloy can be brought to a high-gloss finish comparable to that of platinum or gold while still being more affordable and a thousand times stronger than either of those materials.

Stainless steel has long been used in making surgical instruments and body piercing jewelry because of its hypoallergenic properties. Naturally, it makes sense to incorporate this amazing material into rings, bracelets, pendants and chains, making it a terrific alternative for nickel allergic people.

The durability of a piece of jewelry made from stainless steel cannot be emphasized enough. As it is much tougher than the traditional materials used, stainless steel jewelry can be comfortably worn on the job without fear of damage. Similarly, it doesn't rust or discolor as easily as silver, an extremely important fact to keep in mind while deciding on personal jewelry.

Despite its ruggedness, stainless steel lends itself easily to artistry. Jewelry makers can smith and shape this material into intricate forms and shapes. The people who work with stainless steel have mostly abandoned the overly fussy traditional jewelry designs and aspired to a more savage, more elemental feel. It is not unusual to find tribal and Celtic designs worked in stainless steel, made all the more striking by the brightness and durability of the material.

Men, if your only jewelry is a watch or a gold wedding band, it's time to be adventurous and adorn yourself with the sleek, bold designs of stainless steel jewelry.


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